How To Create Stunning Infographics and Featured Images: A Blogger’s Guide to Visme

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Specially designed to present data, Visme lets you design like a pro – from stunning featured images to complicated user maps, flowcharts, and infographics.

Last week, I got my hands on a versatile design application called Visme. And I’m excited to tell you guys all about it!

I’ve been looking for an affordable, alternative software to Canva and Adobe Illustrator. I need an application to create beautiful, branded graphics to accompany my blog posts.

As bloggers, we know that even good content can get a bad rep if it doesn’t come with beautiful graphics. Like what’s the point of sharing a blog post on Twitter or Facebook if there’s no image included? Who clicks on that these days?

Neil Patel even encourages the use of infographics in his masterclass to drive massive traffic to your website.

But here’s the thing – not all bloggers are graphic designers. And creating graphics from absolute scratch can take a lot of time and headache.

Even professionals like me use templates and stock graphics to speed up the process.

Before we dive deep, let me share this infographic that I made using Visme. It took me about 15 minutes.


Visme is a versatile, complete, full-resource design software

Specially designed to present data, Visme lets you design like a pro – from stunning featured images to complicated user maps, flowcharts, and infographics.

And it’s not limited to data presentation only. You can create other forms of content such as anything from Flyers, to Scatter Plots, and Social Media Graphics. You can even publish survey results.

As an added bonus, which I’ll talk more about later on, you can also use it for offline presentations, interactive contet, and animated slides.

Visme’s top features that bloggers need

  • Brand kit
  • Beautiful design layouts and templates
  • Stock images and vectors
  • Plug-and-play infographics
  • Professional design interface

Brand Kit

Visme allows you to upload fonts, save color palettes, templates, and even links – if you ever need to create interactive documents like PDF’s and slides.

Creating graphics with the same visual style helps you become recognizable and memorable. You definitely need a brand kit!

Here’s a screenshot of the My Brand section:

visme brand kit

Beautiful design layouts and multi-purpose templates

visme design templates

Visme has templates for all occasions when it comes to blogging.

Need to present a project proposal for a client? Check.

Documents that you can send as bonus content? Check.

Downloadable printables to use as lead magnets? Check.

Web graphics to create ad banners and display? Check.

Social graphics for sharing? Check.

Visme’s templates are modern, colorful, and beautiful.

The only catch: they’re a little generic (reminds me of templates from word processors). You might be inclined to modify them further by adding your own graphics, style, images, and fonts. 

And that’s easy! Just plug your brand colors, fonts, and change the placeholder graphics to your preference, it will totally reflect your style.

Stock resources

Visme has both stock vectors and rasterized images. It’s a massive library with more than 500,000 pictures. Now you won’t need to spend extra on buying stock images, which can be quite costly!

Vectors are non-photographic resources like icons, shapes, avatars, logotypes, etc. They’re definitely handy for when you’re creating guides and infographics.

Visme offers different styles to suit your taste. Take a look at my search for “face”:

faces stock graphics

Bonus points for the alien faces. Ugh, so cute!

Plug-and-play infographics

Visme allows you to plug-and-play data and automatically create graphics – a feature that some professional design applications don’t even have!

Take a look at this video and see for yourself. Data-heavy posts won’t be a headache anymore.

Professional design interface

Visme allows you to create professional-looking graphics in only minutes, even if you have zero technical knowledge in design.

And that’s because it has helpful design features such as:

  • Rulers and grids (to ensure elements are balanced)
  • Snap-to-grid (to make sure you have equal spaces and alignment)
  • Duplicate blocks (for recurring sections)
  • Group elements (to move objects all at one)
  • Select and change all color groups (to make your life easier)
  • Move blocks up and down

Consider menus and brochures. They’re a hell to create manually – without using any ninja tools – because they have dozens of elements.

Visme still doesn’t beat Adobe Illustrator when it comes to the number of available tools, but for blogging purposes, Visme has got you covered with the essentials.

Bonus features

If you’re looking to upscale your content marketing through graphics and interactive visual content, you can rely on Visme.

Other design applications don’t offer any of these features:

  • Create interactive slides
  • Embed external content from sites like Typeform and Survey Monkey
  • Add animations to presentations
  • Add media to presentations

These bonus features make Visme feel like PowerPoint software, only much cooler.

I haven’t created any interactive content using Visme yet, and I look forward to trying it. So stay in touch so I can let you know all about it, too!

Quizzes and surveys are becoming hot topics when it comes to lead generation. Here’s a blog post from Jeff Bullas showing you how quizzes can effectively capture serious leads.

Now if your design software can help you deliver stunning graphics and also generate leads, then you have a killer content production machine.

Opportunities for Visme

I think I’ve done enough rambling on how awesome Visme is. But before you get a complete Visme account for as low as $25 a month, here are some opportunities that I wish the guys at Visme start working on:

  • A little bit of lag when dragging items from the library
  • Overall interface and branding looks a little old-school
  • Has so many features it can be overwhelming for the complete beginner
  • Can be more intuitive. I’m a design professional, so it took me less than an hour to get it, but it might not be the same for a non-professional.

Overall, I give Visme a thumbs up. I can say that I’ve found an alternative to the Adobe Creative Suite for blogging purposes.


You can try Visme for free, for as long as you want. And they also give discounts to nonprofits, students, and teachers. Sign up today!

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