7 Essential Traits That Make A Great Copywriter

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Imagine a reader on your sales page (ready to buy, credit card in one hand) bouncing off to a competitor’s page mid-way through your copy.

The reason? They don’t understand what’s in it for them at all. The landing page is dry, lifeless, mumbo-jumbo of technical terms, confusing as hell.

If your prospects cannot understand the benefits that you’re offering, how can you convince them to buy?

What’s the role of a copywriter?

And this is why copywriters can make or break your business. You rely on their ability to persuade readers and turn them into buyers.

With poor performing copy, you’ll have more chances of selling by going out in the streets and handing out flyers to random strangers.

But of course, who wants to do that! 

Wouldn’t it be nice if you can just work with a copywriter who can turn a landing page into gold?

Whether you’re looking for a new copywriter or honing the skills of your current in-house writer, keep an eye for these must-have qualities. 

1. They can read your mind (and the reader’s mind)

It is your copywriter’s job to get inside your head or tease you out for nuggets of critical information, which will power up your copy. 

Add imagination to the mix. A good copywriter creates audience personas and directly addresses them in the copy. It’s about responding to the reader’s desires, goals, or pain points.

2. They can represent you like a lawyer

With drive and creativity, they can anticipate rebuttals and counter-arguments. A powerful copywriter knows your shortcomings, weaknesses, and gaps, and they have the ability to package it in such a way that it still sounds good.

3. They know the numbers behind persuasion

Your copywriter is always updated when it comes to consumer reports, guides, and industry research. They can understand data and analytics, then use it as a way to make the copy more convincing.

This could mean following a specific format, length, style, or design.

4. They can think like a salesman, but don’t talk like one.

Professional copywriters know that people like to buy but hate being sold. But as a copywriter, you’re basically a writing salesman. You know how to use words in order to catch attention, create value, and make an offer.

5. They are a master of rules (but knows how to break them)

Good marketing lies in the border of remarkable and extraordinary. Good copywriters can bend the rules of grammar, syntax, stylistics, and pragmatics if it means getting their point across. 

They’re not worried about prescriptive grammar. They don’t care whether you really need an Oxford comma. Or if sentence fragments work. What matters is the result.

6. They have design and user experience in mind.

Great content these days is never just about words. There’s always a visual element to copy.

A good copywriter knows how to weave words in a way that will look good on screen, or with a combination of other graphics and images.

They can imagine the reader reading through blocks of text – and definitely avoids writing a huge wall of paragraphs.

7. They understand your brand message.

A good copywriter will always write faithfully to your brand message. They will leave hints of your branding through word choice and narrative. If not selling, good copywriting will at least leave a lasting impression.


Copywriting is not just about putting words on a page. Anybody can do that. It’s like saying anybody can be a surgeon, cause it’s just a matter of cutting and stitching people up!

An effective copywriter can write you a killer sales page like Rumpelstiltskin spinning straw into gold.

That’s why it pays to invest with someone who has the ability to drive action. Grab your prospect’s attention, keep them glued to the page, and reading till the very bottom, where your call to action is.

Are you looking for a copywriter who cares about your business goals? Get in touch today and let’s talk about your project!

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