How to Create A Memorable Brand Like A Charming Tinder Profile

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Authenticity is the hallmark of a memorable brand. Is your brand memorable enough?

Marketing can feel a lot like online dating. You must captivate prospects faster than you can say “bounce rate.”

After polishing a profile and putting your best foot forward, you gotta get them to “swipe right” on your offer – or you’ll be hanging out alone with zero revenue on a Friday night.

So what’s the secret to generating leads and maximizing conversion rates? And what lesson can you learn from catchy Tinder profiles?

The first impression is everything

In marketing, first impressions count. We even measure exposure in terms of “impressions.” The goal is to turn as many heads as possible when you get the chance to display your brand in front of audiences.

As content marketers, we spend our whole days thinking about headlines, taglines, opening lines, and featured images. They’re the first thing potential readers see, and so we focus on making them catchy. 

The book gets judged by its cover. Your brand manifestation is the first thing prospects notice when visiting the page.

So think about:

  • The psychology behind your colors
  • The impression your typography makes
  • Your site design/layout
  • Your headline

How your front page looks like – and the things that you highlight on that space – is a manifestation of your brand.

When a prospect scrolls through your sponsored post or stumbles upon your website, you have less than a minute to prove your worth.

An average user stays on a website for 15 seconds before clicking away. You have less than a minute to engage and connect with a lead before becoming “just another website.”

Why you must think like a Tinder user

The internet is densely populated with countless advertisements, brands, and heaps of content. Just how many emails, pins, tweets, search results, or links did you scroll through before finding this post? I bet at least a few dozens.

And that’s why you have to make it count. Online, competition is fierce.

It’s even harder than establishing a business on a busy street.

In the physical world, stores can’t just “pop up” overnight, unlike online – where 281 new WooCommerce shops appear on average every day.

If your brand feels and looks like just one of your competitors, how can you retain the attention of your prospects? How would you even catch it in the first place?

Content marketing is just half of the game. Sure, you can catch somebody’s attention through a viral post – but what’s the guarantee they’ll stick around?

Your branding is what ultimately arrests targets and converts them into loyal customers.

How to manifest a memorable brand

Creating a remarkable brand is not just about finding a graphic designer and asking them to create a brand template, style guide, and a logo.

You can’t build one overnight, and even some of the best branding strategists would take a few days to do it for you.

Here are surefire ways in which you can create a memorable brand online.

Display a welcoming image

Just like a short and sweet Tinder profile – composed of a few pictures and a bio – you only have so much content to use in order to make an impression and show prospects that they should be dating you.

In fact, you have just your front page most of the time!

Show, don’t tell. Demonstrate. Nothing turns off a prospect like a business that doesn’t know “when” to make an offer.

If you come across as “pushy” or “aggressive,” your prospect will start to think that you’re all about taking their money. (Just like the date who only wants to get inside your pants – not good!)

Before anything else, build a positive relationship. Usually, it starts with a smile, a fresh image, and a vibrant hello. Think about the same for your online brand.

Look at the front page of your store or website and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I look inviting?
  • Is my content interesting?
  • What can a customer tell at first glance?

Start a conversation

I love how Tinder bios are short, sweet, yet in-depth. Some platforms even ask, “What are you doing on a Friday night?” a question that speaks volumes about personality and lifestyle.

By packing so much personality into one answer, your prospect can easily decide whether they should swipe right or not. Again, you have about a minute with their attention.

Your content must achieve the same function – it should lead prospects to swipe right on you and start a conversation.

Add conversation starters to your content or landing page to get them interested. I don’t mean to say that you have to make readers send you an email or use the contact page.

A piece of conversation can be something simple such as:

  • Leaving a comment
  • Sharing your page or post on social media
  • Signing up for your newsletter
  • Bookmarking your page for later viewing
  • Linking your article on a future blog article

Ask yourself: Am I putting out something that is share-worthy, something that strikes a conversation?

Be good-looking

Let’s face the truth: profiles with attractive pictures receive more attention than those with “normal-looking” ones. Researchers have even gone as far as studying which physical features get more likes!

And that’s why the term “Instagram-perfect” exists.

I’m not saying that you have to display your brand with a filter, but you should learn something from this fact. And I’m suggesting that you need to have a visually appealing website.

Take a long, hard look at your current platform and contemplate. Think of the following aspects:

  • Does my design look up-to-date?
  • Does my logo look professional?
  • Am I using crisp and sharp images?
  • Is my site easy to navigate, easy-to-read?
  • Is the content scannable?
  • What kind of branding am I communicating here?

If your design looks like it’s from the 1990s, people might even think that the page is obsolete. Who wouldn’t?

A design that looks good is the basic standard for online business. Now if you want to generate traffic, you’d have to be stellar.

Ever wonder why top companies spend millions in redesigning their logos and brand identities?

Be genuine

Authenticity is the hallmark of a memorable brand. Unfortunately, it’s not very easy to find authentic brands – or dating profiles.

Have you ever met a person online expecting them to be attractive in real life, only to find out how fake they are?

Shocking, right, but these things happen every day.

“But you said we should look good and make first impressions count!”

There’s a vast difference between looking good and faking it.

Nobody wants a business that’s built on false impressions and big promises that can’t be kept. You don’t want to be that kind of business, or else people will sabotage you through online reviews and negative comments until you go out of business.

The truth always finds its way to the surface. Don’t build an image that you can’t maintain.

An authentic brand, on the other hand, earns the loyalty of customers. People share, appreciate, and love brands that are real. It goes offline viral. It is consistent.

Think about your favorite brands. What makes you a fan of them? Submit your answers in the comment section!

Wrapping it up

Getting a prospect to “swipe right” on your brand is a result of many things.

The art of persuasion – or wooing a lead – starts with attraction, continues with building trust, and ends with an irresistible offer.

It’s a lot like dating, where you don’t want to look like a prick!

Earn your prospect’s attention. Create a memorable brand. Make the first impression count. And make sure that you’re visible in the first place. (Read: Optimization tips to get traffic from Google)

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