How to get thousands of Twitter followers: the definitive guide

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How do you effectively build a Follower list and manage your social media presence?

One of the top five social media platforms, Twitter is a large network with 126 million active users, 335 thousand verified users, and 6,000 tweets submitted per second.

That’s a lot of noise to cut through!

Whether you’re new to Twitter, or looking for ways to accelerate growth, you’ll find this guide handy.

You will learn about:

  • How the platform really works 
  • The one thing you should be doing on Twitter (and how you should do it)
  • Building a Following list the right way (in a way that you haven’t imagined)

Take this guide with you! Download the 22-page free PDF copy and get more followers!

My Story

When I created a Twitter account 3 months ago, I started from zero.

No followers, no existing social networks, no idea how I’d get my first follower.

Now my tweets are getting thousands of impressions. The growth accelerates at a rate that I couldn’t have imagined.

My tweet analytics from July – October

If a total introvert like me can do it, you can too!

I want to help you get high-quality followers, fast: those who retweet your posts, like, and engage with your brand.

Then you can start targeting prospects, finding leads, and generating sales from this pool of followers.

Why Twitter Is Great For Businesses

As a business on Twitter, you can benefit from the noise and high number of users in order to:

  • Building a targeted, engaged audience
  • Increasing your brand’s visibility
  • Driving traffic to your website
  • Networking with influencers
  • Establishing social proof

And all this comes for free – no paid advertising, no buying follower lists, no hiring a social media manager.

You can do this in your spare time while you focus on other aspects of your business!

This definitive guide will tell you the exact steps I took to go from zero to 100 thousand twitter impressions and 1400 followers in only three months.

My numbers continue to grow, and I find growing my Twitter audience such a fun thing to do!

Some days, I just exchange cat gifs with my followers and see an improvement in engagement rates.

It doesn’t have to be hard.

Are you ready to make a BANG on Twitter and get people talking about your brand?

Let’s dive right in!

Defining Twitter As A Social Platform

If you’re new to Twitter, take a minute to watch this quick video from The Social Clinic and get a refresher.

Take note of the following aspects:

  • Timeliness
  • Convenience
  • Interest-driven

These characteristics make Twitter different from other platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram.

The high level of engagement on Twitter makes it a truly social place where people connect and engage.

You can’t go on Twitter and just lurk around!

If you want to grow your Twitter audience by thousands, you have to keep these key aspects in mind.

You must earn people’s interest by making your tweets worthwhile, so users don’t simply scroll past them, or worse, unfollow you!

Understanding Twitter Culture

Twitter is a platform where open communication, conversation, and participation are encouraged.

Comment on tweets, send direct messages (unless unsolicited!), follow users, and promote others’ tweets.

The more social you are, the more this platform works for you.

Don’t have time to be super active on Twitter?

I’ll cover efficient twittering in the later chapters.


Who Uses Twitter?

Now let’ stalk about Twitter’s demographic.

As a business, you gotta love this aspect. Twitter users are considerably affluent, educated, and empowered.

They make the perfect customer base!

Here’s an infographic from Sproutsocial that covers all the juicy details:

While familiarizing yourself with the general Twitter audience, you must also define and characterize your specific target audience’s subculture.

Ask yourself: “Who are my customers? What are they doing on Twitter? What conversations are they having on Twitter? What hashtags are they using?”

The more you know about your audience, the more you can customize and tailor the content you produce.

Give your audience what they need, what’s interesting and useful for them.

The keyword here is relevance.

Remember, it’s all about delivering valuable content (or tweets) that attract, entertain, and build trust in your brand and business.

In the coming chapters, we’ll discuss strategies for finding and discovering your audience, plus how to listen to them.

Profile Optimization: Your Brand and Business on Twitter

To get more followers, start by building an optimized Twitter profile.

“Optimized” means configured in a specific way that generates the most results.

We want people to trust your brand, follow you, and see you as an authority.

As of writing this post, I got 2000 profile views in the past month. That’s a lot of chances to make a great first impression.

And that’s why you shouldn’t take profile customization for granted.

You’ll miss a lot of opportunities by not putting your best foot forward!

The more attractive and professional-looking your profile, the more you can earn people’s s trust and attention.

Here are the basic recommendations that you cannot miss:

  • Get a professional profile picture/logo
  • Upload a customized header
  • Be specific in your bio
  • Use a memorable name
  • Pin a relevant tweet
  • Curate an interesting feed

I’ll cover these recommendations in more detail through another post. So don’t forget to grab your PDF guide and subscribe to my blog by clicking here.

What Makes A Follow-Worthy Twitter Profile?

Show people that you’re a serious person with a real business and expertise. You’ll get dozens and hundreds of followers in no time.

Likewise, keep an eye on the content you produce.

  • What type of articles do you share?
  • What tweets do you like and retweet?
  • How do your tweets sound?
  • Do you inject personality in each of your replies and tweets?

As a brand or business on Twitter, be careful and selective of the content you produce and promote.

What your audience sees affects how you build a following – and what type of users follow your account.

In Twitter, it’s crucial to balance authenticity and professionalism.

You build better relationships when you engage on a personal, human level.

Don’t be afraid to show your followers who the person behind the screen is.

For example, I like talking about my favorite coffee flavors, and showing support to my followers.

I deliver personalized messages, use memorable emojis, and inject humor and personality.

Bonus Tip: Twitter users love humor! Funny gifs, videos, and comments are huge on Twitter and can be your ticket to building a follower list.

Twitter’s Reciprocity Rule

You can’t talk about Twitter growth without discussing the Reciprocity Rule.

It’s one of the rules I used to build my following, and it works like a charm.

Follow users, and they will follow you back – that’s it!

People are wired to return favors and kind acts. This rule applies to Twitter birds!

Following a user is seen as a favor. You respond by following back or returning the favor in some way – via a retweet or like.

But it doesn’t mean that following 1000 accounts means that you’ll get 1000 followers in return.

You need to follow a targeted set of users who are most likely to follow you back. I will discuss this in the next chapter.

Some Other Ways To Reciprocate On Twitter:

  • Acknowledging replies and retweets by liking them
  • Retweeting your followers’ posts
  • Mentioning (or shouting out to) your new followers and supporters
  • Replying to tweets that mention you
  • Thanking people for liking, following, or retweeting

Your followers will see what you’ve liked, retweeted, and responded. And that’s why it’s essential to build a tribe with shared interests and commonalities.

A targeted audience is what you need, not just any type of audience.

And once you do find this audience, you need to create ways in which you can build trust, respect, and likeability.

Before you know it, you’ll be getting dozens of followers!

So now, let’s dive further and look at the steps I took to find and build a targeted audience.

Finding Your Ideal Audience On Twitter

Building a targeted audience takes time and effort.

Also, you’ll need to use tools that help with discovery, productivity, and optimization.

I use Tweepi for creating “pending follow lists” and quickly unfollowing unresponsive users.

They have an AI-driven feature that recommends a list of users to follow, but I prefer to go the advanced route.

Here’ show Tweepi describes their tool:

It helps me determine which users are more likely to reciprocate.

I can also perform advanced searches via Tweepi: bio keywords, influence, and recent Twitter activity.

When I don’t have time, it creates an AI-generated list for me to follow.

Click here to check out Tweepi’s features.

SocialChamp is my chosen weapon when it comes to scheduling posts. Not very sexy, but affordable and packed with all the features you need.

It allows me to schedule and repeat posts. I can even post the same content to my other social media accounts. I got a lifetime deal from Pitchground – saving me lots of money.

For engagement, I prefer to go “manual” and spend some time on Twitter.

That means I read tweets and interact like I’m supposed to. Best part? It’s free!

Yes, call me frugal when it comes to spending on tools, that’s why I take advantage of deals from AppSumo.

Why Tools Are Necessary

Imagine going through dozens of accounts day by day. You examine each, deliberate whether each profile is worth following or unfollowing.

The Reciprocity Rule works only if you’re interacting with people who have the same interests and level of engagement.

I rely on tools to perform advanced actions such as:

  • Creating a list of verified users and influencers
  • Discovering people who tweeted a specific term or hashtag
  • Searching for profiles with a relevant keyword in their bio
  • Filtering results based on follow ratio, credibility, and number of followers
  • Mass unfollowing non-supportive accounts
  • Scheduling posts for specific times of the day for maximized exposure

Twitter’ s advanced search doesn’t tell:

  • Whether a user is likely to follow you back
  • If they’re new, or if
  • People they follow don’t follow them back

How To Create A Targeted List On Tweepi

Step one. I search for relevant hashtags and bio keywords that my target audience uses.

Step two. I filter profiles that meet the following categories:

  • Have a follow ratio of 120% to 75%. You want to add users who most likely reciprocate when somebody follows them. The lower the rate, the more it means that Following > Followers.
  • Last tweeted. When searching for users according to their bio, I filter those who have tweeted recently.
  • Follower count. I follow credible, high-quality accounts. I look for for who have an average number of followers (700 and above.)

Here’ s a snapshot of a sample bio search:

tweepi search filters

Step three. I go online and view my list on Twitter.

Next, I follow all the users in my Tweepi generated list, or use it as a custom feed for warm pitching.

For example, I have a list of verified users who aren’t likely to follow me back right away, but could make a connection in the future!

It’s that simple!

Then I wait for a few days, unfollow those who didn’t follow me back. Rinse and repeat!

Guide To Twitter Engagement

So now you’ve accomplished the following:

  • Created your personalized pending follow list
  • Started following targeted accounts
  • Seeing some growth in your Follower list

Now it’s time to start engaging and making sure that your users keep following you!

Let me tell you this: Nothing breaks my heart worse than seeing someone unfollow me a few days later.

So make the most out of your interactions, do your best to become memorable, and make each minute count.

Socialize and engage in ways that count!

The 80/20 rule for social media

Keep the self-promotional stuff to roughly 20%. The majority of your posts must be about:

  • Engagement
  • Providing value
  • Entertaining your followers.

Nobody wants to hear from a self-absorbed user who only cared about promoting their products and services!

Twitter is great for promotions, but keep in mind that the platform is for socialization and engagement.

And when you do promote, be careful about making explicit offers and hard selling. It can sometimes throw people off.

Interactive Content

Here’s a list of recommended actions that takes thirty seconds of your time:

  • Search relevant hashtags so you can reply, like, or retweet relevant tweets
  • Answer polls and surveys
  • When appropriate, tweet trending topics

Twitter Media

Inject personality to your posts using images, emojis, and GIFs.

The best threads with the most engagements I’ve seen are often just a thread of GIF replies.

When you do share links, make sure they contain relevant images. Users are more likely to click hyperlinks with featured images!

Tweet Optimization

To keep and attract more followers, make sure you optimize the composition of your tweets.

Understanding the anatomy of a perfect tweet becomes relevant here.

You need to mix:

  • Just the right amount of text
  • A casual, colorful, and conversational tone
  • Relevant media (such as links, images, and GIF’s that make it even more interesting

When I share content from other blogs, I link to the post, use a hashtag, and quote a highlighted sentence from the piece.

For added brand credibility, I use shortlinks with my own domain.

I even mention the Twitter handle of the blog for added visibility and networking value!

Here’s a good sample:

Better tweets make more impressions, encourage engagement, and show on users’ feeds.

Here’s a useful infographic from Streambankmedia showing you the recipe of a perfect tweet:

Conclusion: What Makes Twitter Worth It

My Twitter account is by no means a giant, and I’m not perfect, but I am growing by the day.

It takes patience, consistency, and following best practices – which you will find in this guide!

Remember how I started with zero engagement and zero followers. I wasn’t even sure what I was doing on Twitter!

And now, I’m seeing people retweet my posts, like my content, and share my stuff.

I am reaching people by the thousands – something that would have cost me a lot if I got them through Facebook ads.

Promotional opportunities aren’t even the best part.

Twitter has helped me understand what it means to be social, how to listen to people, and form meaningful interactions.

Twitter has painted a smile on my face many times, thanks to a funny tweet or an inspiring interaction.

It fills my heart whenever I know I made someone smile.

I wish I can spend entire days on Twitter, but I have many more things to do – like writing content for you guys.

So, start small and find what matters to you. Over time, you’ll discover the people who have been waiting for someone like you to come along.

It starts with the first tweet, the first follower, the first genuine interaction.

Like this guide? Don’t forget to grab a copy and follow me on Twitter!

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