Why Your Creative Business Needs A Blog – Even If You’re Not A Writer

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“Why do I need a blog? Isn’t that just for writers?”

Creative professionals – like you and me – make it a mission to establish a jaw-dropping portfolio and an impressive CV. After all, isn’t that what matters? Raw talent and skill?

Well, here’s a reality check: All of your competitors are also talented and skilled.

So what makes you different?

The ability to do client work is basic. Everybody’s expected to be damn good at what they do – that’s what being a pro means!

So if your only advantage is, “I can do what I’m supposed to do,” then you have a great opportunity to maximize the potential of your business.

Look into establishing what truly matters: reputation, authority, trust, and loyalty.

What’s your marketing advantage?

Marketing is about putting your brand and business out there and creating value for what you offer.

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Content marketing specifically uses the power of content to build positive relationships with your prospect – even before you enter a client-customer relationship.

Think about it: Would you instead work with someone whom you know at a personal level, or with a total stranger?

The benefits of content marketing

Content marketing gives you the chance to connect to your prospects at a deeper level. Through content, you can:

  • Show what you believe in and earn reader’s respect
  • Share what matters to you and build a following
  • Let your audience know that you are an expert at what you do

When executed the right way, content marketing can help you embrace an authentic personality and connect deeply to your targeted audience.

You get the show them the person behind the portfolio.

One of the most efficient ways to do content marketing is blogging. You can use it as a lead generation tool, an extension of your portfolio, and a place to showcase your personality.

Let’s go deeper into that.

Lead generation

Did you know that content marketing gets three times more leads than paid search advertising?

One major perk of blogging is that it can get you to the front page of Google. You get quality traffic from visitors who are actively searching for your content, as opposed to paid ads that people didn’t ask to see in the first place.

Portfolio extension

Through blogging, you can demonstrate to your readers your expertise. Publish tutorials, walk them behind the scenes, or share helpful tips for fellow creatives – your second type of customers.

A blog filled with relevant, educational content gives readers the impression that you are an expert at what you do.

Building personality

A portfolio can only say so much about who you are as a person.

Blogging, on the other hand, allows readers to see your human characteristics such as compassion, sincerity, and friendliness.

Write about what you believe in and what matters to you the most. 

My favorite example: Jacob Cass

jacob cass

Jacob Cass is my favorite example of a creative pro when it comes to doing content marketing right.

His website has generated about half a million views over the last six months, and 84.27% of his traffic comes from organic search.

justcreative website stats similarwebData: SimilarWeb

Were people searching for his name on Google? Not quite!

An Ubersuggest analysis of his website shows that his top posts are 10 Best Graphics Tablets for Drawing, Art & Design in 2018 and 10 Best FREE Graphic Design Courses Online: Teach Yourself.

These blog articles – written to inform, educate, and help other people – helped Jacob earn the online authority that he now enjoys.

If he didn’t blog, would he get this kind of traffic? Maybe, yeah, if he was as popular as John Wick offline!

But most of us aren’t superstars. If you’re anything like me, you’re just a humble creative with a little bit of talent to share.

The perfect combination of authority and social impact

Jacob has worked with big-name brands like Disney, Nintendo, and Nike. Hop over to his Portfolio page, and you’ll see the kind of work that he does.

Undeniably, this man has talent and skill. He’s really good – but still not like John Wick, okay!

As a fellow graphic designer, I give him my respect.

And the heartbeat of his website is still the blog.

He didn’t create his website for the sake of narcissistic self-promotion. His visitors get:

  • Helpful graphic design resources
  • Product reviews to help make smart purchases
  • Free, expert knowledge on topics such as branding and design

Through these blog posts, he makes readers understand the value of what he does. But more importantly, he contributes to the community.

On the practical side, this accomplishes a few things:

  1. Persuade customers to acquire his services
  2. Relieve the hesitation of undecided customers (or those who might have been checking his competition)
  3. Justify the pricing of his services
  4. Earn followers who might help promote this brand

I might not have purchased his design service, but here I am now blogging about him and sharing it to you. Plus points for Jacob’s authority!

Wrapping it up

Blogging, as a form of content marketing, is an efficient way to generate buzz, attract leads, and add juice to your website.

It helps you connect with people in your community and validate your worth as a creative business.

What may seem like short and sweet posts about small things like “best video cameras” can be the key to your online fame and success.

I challenge you to get your website up and running (if you don’t have one yet) and write your first few blog posts (if you haven’t started!)

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